Shane “Kidd grimm” is a Sketchcard artist for TOPPS trading card co. 
         *properties worked on:
              -Garbage Pail Kids 
              -Wacky Packages 
              -Ugly Stickers
              -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
         *Non TOPPS properties:
              -DC BOMBSHELLS
Official basecard artist for ODDRODS 
Official  licensed artist for RatFink 
Years in the sketchcard game: 5 years 
Favorite GPKs: Grafitti Petey and ROYBot
Favorite artists: BROM, Tom Bunk, John Pound and BK Taylor
Likes: philosophy, esoterica,  comics, Garbage Pail Kids,  books, music and art.
Dislikes: politics, organized religion, inconsiderate people and taxes.
Sign: Scorpio